Featured Children’s Books

Nearly every day’s devotion in More Than a Holiday features a children’s book that helps your children understand the main idea of the devotion.  These are great to use with young children in place of the devotion or to read as a family for fun bonding time. On this page you will find a listing of the children’s books for each day. If you choose to purchase them through our links we will make a small commission (for which we are very grateful).  You can also find many of them at your local library and local bookstore.

December 1 – How Do I Know Christmas is True?

December 2 – Genealogies

December 3 -Prophecies

December 4 – The Story of Jesus’ Birth

The devotional gives no recommendation for this day, although you could read the story straight out of a children’s Bible like this one:

December 5 – Zacharias / December 6 – Elizabeth

December 7 – John the Baptist

December 8 – Herod the Great

December 9 – Mary – Mother of Jesus

December 10 – Joseph / December 11 – Gabriel

December 12

December 13 – Mary’s Magnificat

December 14 – Zacharias’ Prophecy

December 15 – The Census

December 16 – No Room at the Inn

December 17 – The Manger

December 18 – The Shepherds and Angels

December 19 – The Magi (Wise Men)

December 20 – The Magi’s Gifts / December 21 – Simeon and Anna

December 22 – Myths of the Christmas Story

December 23 – Did Jesus Have a Sin Nature?

December 24 – Why Was This Birth So Important?

December 25 – Who is Jesus to You?

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