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More Than a Holiday is a collection of 25 devotions for your family.

Each devotion is comprised of six different sections. They are designed to be flexible for the needs, constraints, time-limits, and age-range of your family. You can do one section, or you can do them all.  Families with really young kids may choose to just do the Family Time Activities. Other families may choose to do the whole thing.

1. A Closer Look -This section is for the parents. It is meant to be read ahead of time to gain a deeper understanding of the historical context and theological significance behind each topic. It may be helpful for answering questions that come up during the ‘Let’s Talk’ time. If your children are older, they may also benefit from reading this section during their own personal quiet time.

2. Read – This section tells you what your daily reading will be. It is meant to be read together as a family at the start of the devotion time. Unless otherwise noted, all Scripture used in this book is from the New American Standard Version.

 3. Daily Devotion – The daily devotion is designed to be read aloud as a family. If you have young kids, you may want to skip the daily devotion altogether and give a simple summary using pictures from the suggested story books.

 4. Let’s Talk –This section is designed with questions to get your family talking. Don’t feel constrained by these; they are merely a starting point. Follow the discussion wherever it takes you; it is part of the journey!

 5. Prayer – Next is a simple prayer. It is only a suggestion. Pray together as you feel led to pray. Let your children pray.  Sometimes they are the ones with the sweetest, most heartfelt prayers.

 6. Family Time Activities – At the end of every devotion is a list of suggested family time activities.  These are designed to bring you together as a family and to create lasting memories. Every day contains a meaningful Christmas song. Spend some time praising God together! If you are musical, break out the instruments.

Most days contain a suggested children’s book about the topic. These are great for younger kids. Many of them are available at your local library. You can also go here for information on how to add them to your own collection.

Each day also contains several other activities, including games and crafts, that you could do as a family to drive home the main idea of the lesson.  Spend time enjoying being around each other. And don’t feel like you have to do all of the activities. They are merely suggestions.

The goal of this project is to provide a resource for families to come together and learn about what Christmas is all about. It is designed to take the focus off of the commercialism and to focus your family on the true meaning of Christmas-the birth of Christ!

Still not convinced?

Check out the table of contents and the first day’s devotion in this sample!

More Than A Holiday is available as a PDF ebook download for $7.95. (It will be sent to the email address of your paypal account.)

A printed copy is also available for $11.97 through  Amazon.

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